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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Elected Is As Stupid Does

With the mid-term elections here, I realize that I have more intelligence than every single member of our elected federal government and most of my local government. I’m not kidding here. I truly believe that I have more knowledge, a more rounded outlook on the world events around me, and the ability to control and execute my mental faculties better than any member of the federal government.

Regardless of party affiliation, regardless of state affiliation, and regardless of the corruption that seems to follow all of them, I can say, very easily and confidently, that I am smarter than these people.

Case in point: I was watching a debate on a nationally televised Sunday morning talk show. Here is the transcript from that show, verbatim, of a conversation between a current representative of congress and the moderator:

REP: We have to keep to keep the approach of keeping spending under control. I’m the author of the line-item veto. I don’t understand why we want to build a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, a rain forest in Iowa.

MOD: But you voted for both those proposals.

REP: I voted for every single Jeff Flake amendment to take out these crazy…(unintelligible)…[sic]

MOD: But in final passage, those proposals were legislation you voted for.

REP: They were, because I support roads, because I support making sure that we’re moving forward with key programs. But you ought not to hold a whole bill hostage because there’s silly stuff in it. We ought to have a line-item veto for the president, whether Republican or Democrat, to cut that junk out of there, hold congress accountable, keep spending under control.

In the span of about one minute, the representative admitted that he spends too much money and claimed to misunderstand the proposals but voted for them anyway because it’s not right to keep from passing legislation if there’s “silly stuff in it.” Finally, he blamed himself. By the way, neither of the mentioned proposals is occurring in his home state.

Here is another total idiot in charge of my money, a complete and utter moron.

Folks, if this ain't a reason to get out there and vote, I ain't gonna figure another reason why.


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